frenzied writing

The last couple of chapters of a book usually pour out in a frenzy, which is exhausting. Things come together, and they push. The comparison to labor is overdone, but that’s because like all cliches, it’s apt. I’m thinking that I’ll have this book (finally finally) done by the end of the week. (Not that you should highlight or anything, because that would be tempting maluch.)

Today I sent off many books to the winners of the last drawing. Tomorrow I will draw the name of the person who gets the second pile o’ books. Friday I will collapse.

3 Replies to “frenzied writing”

  1. Take the weekend off ya earned it! So ya all done then,whahoo! Ya do anything special when ya finish a book? (probably had this question before, but I’ll ask anyways)

  2. I have sort of a random question… Given that her mother is a Big Famous Author, what do your daughter’s tastes in books run toward? (I know that that sentence is so badly worded, but I’m severely undercaffeinated this morning and can’t think of an alternative.)

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