wafu: weather all fouled up

Driving I5 from here south is a bit of a challenge; it looks like the Florida Keys, where it isn’t closed completely.

However, we are fine most especially because we both work at home and don’t have to drive anywhere. No flooding. If we were flooded, then the entire west coast would be nothing more than a fond memory. We live on a hillside, after all. We are pretty wet, though.

On the other hand the day before yesterday the wildfires in Boulder County were so out of control that the Girlchild was ready to evacuate. The evacuation area stopped about a half mile from her. She’s fine. We’re fine. Fire and ice.

3 Replies to “wafu: weather all fouled up”

  1. Thank you for reporting in. I was concerned. Seattle has been described as an island. No road out.

  2. Glad to know your house hasn’t been swept off the hillside. Thanks for the update. Hope you, hubby, and daughter all stay safe and sound.

  3. Sounds messy, good ta hear you and yours are good..sounds like good 4 wheelin’ weather though :D

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