Payment, Refund & Cancellation Policies

This is going to be a tough fix. He’s completely obscured the main character’s plausible motive for revenge by overdeveloping the setting and peppering the entire chapter with irrelevant flashback narratives.


1.  Fees for one-on-one editing and mentoring your work in progress.

Initial discussion no charge
Obligatory one hour overview session $150
Subsequent one hour sessions $125
Package of three sessions: $300
Package of six sessions $550

2.  Fees for my original work (whether fiction or nonfiction) or straight editing of someone else’s work depend  on the complexity of the project, whether research is involved and how much interaction is required. The initial consultation will help us both determine the exact parameters of the project and an estimate of how much time will be needed.

What’s next?

After an initial discussion and if we both decide to proceed, the overview consultation can be scheduled. I will ask for a chapter or a specific number of pages of your work in progress in order to prepare for that consultation, when I will tell you what I see as strengths and weaknesses and what I think needs to happen. At this point  you’ll have a sense of how I work, and whether or not I provide the kind of constructive criticism and direction you need. If it doesn’t look like we’d be able to work together, we part ways there and I wish you the best of luck.

If we both conclude that I can provide the kind of support you need, we will discuss and execute a basic contract which will include specifics about costs, delivery dates, and expectations.

If in the course of working together  at any time I ask you to write or edit something specific for an upcoming session, I would hope to receive that by email at least 48 hours before we are scheduled to begin so that I can prepare notes.


  • Payment must made when scheduling a session and before the session begins. Paypal is the best option, but if that is not possible I will accept a money order by mail or a direct bank transfer.
  • If you need to reschedule a session and you notify me of this 24 hours ahead of the scheduled session, we will simply reschedule and there will be no charge to you.
  • If you miss a scheduled session without notifying me at least 24 hours prior, you will be charged the full amount. There will be exceptions for natural or personal disasters.
  • There are no refunds for consultations. However, if you invest in a series of three or six one-hour-long sessions, you may cancel after the first session and receive a refund for the full cost of the sessions you haven’t used.