Other Non-Fiction

Foreword to Celia Garth  by Gwen Bristow. First published 1959
Chicago Review Press; Reprint 2008 link

What we Learn from the Big Bad Wolf.  Academic essay rewritten for a lay audience. link


“Pickup Truck”  A short story  that first appeared in Redbook Magazine in 1993 under the title “Postcards from my Father.” This slightly edited version is copyright 2020.  All Rights Reserved.  Click here for the pdf.

Homestead. My first novel and winner of the PEN/Hemingway Award. NPR excerpt and review, here. NYT review here.

The Gilded Hour. First novel in the new historical novel series Waverly Place.  Set in Manhattan in 1883.  Read an excerpt on the publisher’s website, here.

Where the Light Enters. The second novel in the Waverly Place series, set in Manhattan in 1884. Read an excerpt on the publisher’s website, here.