If you are looking for professional help as you write or polish a piece of fiction, I can provide one-on-one support, feedback, notes, and encouragement.  For those in the Bellingham, Washington area, we can schedule a initial consultation in person; if not, that can happen by phone. 


The story – from Rumpelstiltskin to War and Peace – is one of the basic tools invented by the human mind for the purpose of understanding. There have been great societies that did not use the wheel, but there have been no societies that did not tell stories.    — Ursula LeGuin

Because you are human, you have a story. You have many stories. Some are your own, some are born of your imagination.

Maybe you’ve been working on telling one or more of your stories, but thus far without much success.  You have tried, but you can’t quite get it down on paper. Or maybe you’ve been writing for a while, and you are frustrated by your lack of progress. The story in your head is not showing up on the page, and there’s nobody to ask about your work who can give you honest, informed feedback. Take heart: Where you are now, every published writer has been at some point.


The easiest way to get started is to have a look at some of the posts on my storytelling weblog, the ones that deal specifically with research and craft (there’s an index of the most relevant posts here).  I’ve been writing and fine-tuning these chunks of information for close to twenty years, and they may provide you with another way to think about a particular challenge, or point you in a new direction. More recently I’ve been pulling those posts out little by little, editing them and plan to post them here under ‘articles’ as time permits. 

A summary of the most important, most basic rules of thumb is here on Write as well.

If you need more focused help, one-on-one, then we can talk about the ways I can provide support, feedback, and encouragement.  For those in the Bellingham, Washington area, we can schedule a initial consultation in person; if not, that can happen by phone.

More specific information on the kinds of services I am able to provide here.


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Rosina’s abilities as a writer are well documented (so to speak), but only a fortunate few know that she is also a skilled and diligent reader. I have had the pleasure of corresponding with Rosina for more than 20 years, and she has been gracious enough to provide me with her feedback on flash fiction, so-called “literary” short fiction, short genre fiction, short nonfiction essays, two noir YA novels, and a memoir that I published through Farrar, Straus and Giroux in 2015. Across all these many modes and styles of writing, her feedback has been incisive, constructively delivered, and informed by the incredible depth and breadth of her own reading. There is no section of the library to which Rosina is a stranger, and this gives her a genuine appreciation of all aspects of writing as a discipline. She is as sensitive to the pacing and imagery of a good action scene as she is to the structure of theme and metaphor over a 400 page manuscript; she has helped me find the heart of my story whether I’m writing about alienated teenagers, or teenage aliens.

Any writer, aspiring, expiring, or merely blocked will benefit from Rosina’s instruction.

[Rosina] is an inspiring and demanding teacher in the classroom and a committed mentor and educator to her advisees. […] Even in a department known for its emphasis on cultural studies, her approach stood out for its impressive and unusual combination of rigorous documentary scholarship and passion. This is the kind of example that inspires students to find a similarly important life’s work, and if they believe in it greatly, not to let that belief undermine clear thinking. I am also grateful for how Dr. Lippi advised me during those two years, with wisdom, caring and a long-term perspective that have helped me greatly from then until now.
Using her considerable skill as a writer and long experience as a teacher, Rosina Lippi has helped me identify and develop what works in my writing, and avoid the pitfalls of excess verbiage, grotesque images, and banality. She’s done this with intelligence, honesty, humor and real sensitivity — mindful always that a writer puts her soul onto the page. Rosina is helping me chip the statue out of the marble. I’ll always be grateful for her generosity and insight.
Rosina is a deeply gifted writer; a highly skilled and experienced editor; a caring teacher; and a committed team player who functions extremely well at both the executive and administrative levels. She has the unique ability to drill down to essential details while keeping the larger project picture and goals firmly in her sights. She’s highly organized and task-oriented; an energetic self-starter; and an absolute joy to work with.