you learn something new every day

What I learned from this trivia contest:

1. You are an eager bunch.

2. In your excitement, detailed instructions got lost. I should have kept comments turned off for the first two hours or so to make you slow down.

3. It might be better, next time, to pick a name out of a hat.

4. The next time I’ll do this on the weekend so people can participate without getting in trouble at work.

5. It’s likely that everybody except the winner is going to be unhappy about the way this went.

Remember the part about this being subjective, and me being the final judge? The winner is Andee.

The next ARC giveaway will be in the last week of June. Stay tuned.

PS: Andee, email me with your mailing address, please.


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  1. I think that having it be on a weekend is the best observation on your list. I do think a contest is more interesting than just picking a name out of a hat. However, wouldn’t it be better if the answers were emails to you instead of comments that others can come along and read? Just a thought.

  2. Hehee.. I thought you did a great job picking the winner…. I messed up when my 5 kids started wanting their breakfast at the same time and not going back to see if I put my name on my post. :) My mom called me and made sure I knew I screwed up :) Got to love them mom to correct me. ;)

    I think you made the rules clear we are the ones who didn’t read and reread and take our time. Congrats Andee!! Great Job.

    Can’t wait for the next time! Thanks Sara for your time and willingness to let us try to even win the copy.

  3. Yup! I was too eager. I absolutely hate when people don’t pay attention to my directions. As I was weeding in the garden, I realized my answers weren’t right, but couldn’t get back for a couple of hours to correct them, and then realized I hadn’t followed your directions. Never leave a weed unpulled! Lots of people had much closer answers; so serves me right! Mea culpa. Indeed, I thought answering later would be cheating since I’d read previous people’s answers.

  4. Yes yes very eagar. Next time I will have to calm down and take my time and awnser durring my son’s nap time (he was trying to help me type!). I also have made the executive desician to carry ALL of your books with me no matter hwere I travel. I had to pull it all out of my head.
    I guess the extra 2 pairs of shoes have to go.
    I like the whole weekend and e-mail idea too!

    Kristina Lynn, the two minute poster!

  5. Call it sour grapes, spilt milk or hindsight. I did not s ee anything in your question requesting a summary of part one of Lake in the Clouds, I never equated minimum with summary. Also, if you said first person to answer these questions then time was of the essence, if I knew I could take 10 more hours I could have written you a summary as well, of course the ‘timely’ people already had posted the correct answer by then. As I said sour grapes.

  6. Absolute congratulations to Andee! You positively deserve the ARC!

    I will definitely learn patience from this experience! Boy do I feel silly!

    Soup Fick (The 1 minute & 4 minute poster, and later apologizer…)

  7. Congrats to the winner, great summary!
    I just recently discovered your books and love them, they got me through a weekend (when I was supposed to be attending my Master’s Graduation ceremony) but i was sick w/flu and bronchitis – read them straight through. I am recommending these books to all my friends and my book club. I am shocked they haven’t had more acclaim and immense, widespread popularity…as a lover of historical fiction, it is crazy that I haven’t heard of these. Of course I introduced the Phillipa Gregory books to at many of my friends and book club friends here in Chicago, so hopefully I can pass along the message on your great books too – Thanks!

  8. Congrats to Andree. Sara this was so much fun. This gave me a chance to go back and read parts of the book again. We enjoy your books so much and are looking forward to the next. This contest was a brilliant idea. I cannot wait till the next one. I’ll just have to remind my daughter to post her name next time. Ha Ha.

  9. Just finished”Fire along the sky”. I was sort of let down, but I’l come back to that. Got to say that I’m a huge fan of the series. So much so that I wanted to name my first-born Hanna(ex said no :( )Your characters are easy to visaulize for there depth. Fave character? Have to say Curiosity because she reminds me of someone of like character I knew when I was young. An old native woman whom when I first met made me feel at home and at ease in her home. She too ruled her house from her kitchen and a straight-forwordness that I’d admired and tried to adopt in my own life. There’s a strong sense of family in your books, so much so that I give more thought to my own family,thanx for that.Almost feel bad for what I’m about to say…Though “fire along the sky”kept me in from start to finish, it was near the end when I got the oddest feeling,a feeling of…almost like panic and it took me a few minutes to relize why. This book had no antagonists,none to get worked up about anyway. I started to think of it almost as a filler between the book before and the book to come(albiet a very INTERESTING filler)you’d brought a antagonist worthy of a all night read right at the end!A good read but nothing like the struggles of the first 3.Jennet was the only character that got the “oh,oh”response from when she was dealing with the british and the fake missionary. the first 3 books were FULL of “oh oh” moments(sounds silly I know, but reader you know what I mean :P )Feel absolutely terrible that I’m complaining, but i would,nt be scottish if I denna speak my mind.
    P.s looking forward to the next

  10. A thought…possible reason people are’nt reading as much as they used to/reading to some is escapism from the doldrums of daily life/maybe..quality of life is better/people are more connected(internet etc..)thus less reason to escape? A thought,maybe applicable to a small percentage
    P.s this comment is from Bruce.
    P.P.s not sure if I should be offended or embarressed
    P.P.P.s woot? A man can’t enjoy your books?!
    P.P.P.P.s hehe,seriously tho,also like the “Stranger in a strange land” aspect of the wilderness series,hmm who’s the stranger in each of the 3 books? have to think about that one.

  11. Bruce! and again: !

    Of course you’re welcome. I’m sorry if I offended you, but let me tell you why I jumped to conclusions. I get a lot of email from people named John and Harold and Michael and George (at least, their email addresses read that way). And then 99 percent of the time it turns out that it’s a woman writing, using her husband’s email account.

    It’s scandalous, is what I say. Every woman should have her own email account.

    So I’m glad you’re you, and not somebody else. I actually do have a lot of male readers, but few of them ever stop by here to comment.

    Glad you did.

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