you don't write, you don't call

So. I give away a couple lousy ARCs and you all go running off into the woodwork, leaving me here to mutter to myself.

Not that you should worry. Really, I’m fine sitting here in the dark, by myself. What more could I want? It’s a writer’s lot.


You could ask a question. Maybe I would answer it. Who knows?


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  1. Hello!
    I don’t believe I have ever commented before, however, I love reading you everyday. I love the fact that you have read and you comment so much on books that I adore. For instance, Lonesome Dove and Rebecca. I am reading the Outlander series now and after I complete that I will start to read your books by Rosina Lippi as I have only read your Into the Wilderness books. My to read list is mighty high, not to mention my to re-read list. One question I do have is: Now that you have completed (?) the Into the Wildnerness series, do you have anymore books in your head that will be written by Sara Donati?

  2. That was a scary dream, about the flood o’books. Very anxiety-filled. I had a really really scary dream the other night, too. If you wanna hear it, let me know and I’ll blog it. It’d make a good horror novel.

    Questions: What was the other anxiety dream? How’s the writing going? Should I ever speak to my mother again? Do you have any good recipes for quiche? Who invented liquid soap and why?

    Natteringly Yours,

  3. Rosina, I’m still here, but like I said I would rather you have time to write words for me to read than bother you with mine. I bought Homestead, I’m waiting for it to arrive, I’m very excited to read more of your words. Carolyn

  4. HI!
    I do have a question for you:
    I would really like to learn more about the Native-American history that we find in your Wilderness series. Could you recommend good interesting history books on that subject?

  5. Natter, natter, natter. Good for you; you’re lucky! I’ve spent the last several days with steam coming out of my ears – if the world weren’t full of jerks, I’d be happier. Your alarm clock post triggered several conversations between D#1 and me. She is the one who said “Make her ride the bus.” We talked some more tonight. I didn’t remember a single late-to-school problem, ever. Ha! How time flies and we forget. I went to work early, and spouse worked at home. See? I didn’t need to go off buying clocks – definitely somebody else’s job to make sure the kids got to school on time. Garp, and I really wanted that Arc-thingie!

  6. Bongiorno! When asking questions- is it best to just email them to your address? Or is there some other sneaky way to get them to you?

  7. you can ask questions anywhere. Here, or by email. I might not get around to answering them all quickly, but I’ll try.

  8. I have a question. Will we get any new information about Hawkeye in the next book? He is truly missed by his family as well as me. It is painful not knowing where he is, or if he is even still alive. Thanks!

  9. Sorry, I was on vacation and 5 year old nephew doesn’t like to share the computer. He feels his time at and is more important than my web-surfing–the snot! : )

  10. First time writing so pardon the repetitive questions that I am sure your many other fans have asked. Who is your daughter’s favorite character in the Wilderness series? Has she ever throw out a suggestion or idea that you have incorporated into your writing? I have all your books and have reread them all at least 4-5 times. They are like coming home after being away a long time. You feel for the characters and what they are going through. My absolute favorite is Into the Wilderness. It has been reread so many times that the front cover has come off and several pages are taped in. I think that intense attraction between Elizabeth and Nathaniel is what everyone wants in their life. I know I do! Can’t wait for the Queen of Swords! Melissa

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