You asked about your favorite characters

A couple things before you look at this chart:

1. Not everybody is included here. It’s selective. 

2. If you don’t find a name here, that doesn’t mean the person died an early death. It just means they are not on this chart.

3. The dots at the far right mean that individual is still alive when The Gilded Hour takes place. 

4. Yes, a lot of men died in the Civil War. 

5. I’ve had email asking whether any of Curiosity’s descendants are in the new novel. Sophie Savard is Curiosity’s great granddaughter, and Hannah’s granddaughter. 

6. I often flip a coin to decide the fate of any given character. If I had my way, they’ll all still be alive and healthy. Which clearly won’t do. So remember, everybody is gone at this point. It’s a sad but inevitable truth.

7. Some clever person on FB (sorry, I can’t get over there just now to find your name) asked if I regret killing anybody off. I’m thinking about that and will post soon.

So, here you are. Click for a much larger version. 


5 Replies to “You asked about your favorite characters”

  1. Thanks for that, very interesting. And I see where the Quinlan name comes from, I’ve been wondering about that connection.

  2. Interesting but sad. Death is part of life I suppose but war is so destructive. All those lives cut short. Makes me think of AGod in Ruins.

  3. Thanks for this. I am really looking forward to your new book. I have missed all of these folks…

  4. hi I just read your book “Queen of Swords” nice and very interesting story. Someday I am going to read more of your books.

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