work work work

As superstitious as I am sometimes, as I am right now, I find it hard to say much about how well the writing is going. Let’s just say I’m very pleased: lots of words on the screen, and they seem to make a story when they are read one after the other. The characters are talking to me and showing me things. When this happens it feels like there’s an angelfood cake in the oven. As a kid my Aunt Lillian would make us talk in whispers and tiptoe for fear of making the cake fall. Someday I will have to bake an angelfood cake and yell and jump up and down and see what happens.


1. reading quite a lot. I will post reviews of a few books in the next couple days.

2. finished a textile piece (or at least, finished enough that I have to hang it and look at it for a couple weeks to see if it is, in fact, really finished) and started a new one.

3. the book cataloging adventure continues. I now have over 2,000 in the database — or in both databases. One on my computer and the other at Library Thing. If you’re curious about the books I consult you can have a look at my tags page and click on the topic that concerns you. You’ll see that I read at least 38 books having to do directly or indirectly with the War of 1812 while I was writing Queen of Swords. I was quite astounded myself at that number, I have to admit. Now all those books are lined up together and I look at them and wonder why I still feel as though I don’t know very much about the danged war.

So that’s it for the moment. More soon.