Writing while waiting

I am writing today. In various waiting rooms, I will continue to write. My goal is at least a thousand words. This evening I will post to tell you if I have reached that goal.

If you don’t see a post update here by eight in the evening, pacific standard time, you should use the comments to remind me about my responsibilities. Okay?

Also: the quote thing in the right hand column isn’t working. Because I couldn’t sleep last night so I tried to set up a php sideblog… which really, is pushing my technological capabilities to the breaking point to start with … and it was like, three in the morning.

And now I have to write, and take the Mathematician to the doctor, so I have no time to fuss with php includes. But someday hopefully.

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  1. My right-hand column isn’t working, period. It starts where your posts end. Help! This happened when your page format changed. (And I like the pink. But I really liked the old format a lot. The lady with the funky hat and the stockings? She was cool.)

  2. Oh, goodie gumdrops! I got my PERSONALLY SIGNED copy of TTTT this afternoon. The UPS man looked at me somewhat strangely when I rounded the corner of the house (garden out back) thanking him profusely for my package. I’ve devoured 4 pages while cooking supper. It’s looking really, really good. (No, I don’t give undeserved compliments.)

    Oh, you’ve got 3 more hours to become responsible!

  3. I went on a vacation for a week and missed so much! Sorry to hear about the mathematician’s slipped disc (make sure he completes all the Physical Therapy after any surgery -trust me) Glad it is not more serious.

    BUT I did want to say I finally got a chance to read Homestead. It is a fantastic novel and has me thinking about all sorts of genealogy since some of my family comes from that part of the world. Your talent is amazing. I may have gotten my husband to read this one, and he hasn’t read a novel since college!
    Thanks again

  4. done yet? how bout now?…now? now?…..soooo..about those 1000 words..finished?
    Apologies, still in goofy mode. Spent 3 hours in the waiting room at my local under-staffed hospital. my boy fell on his head . Had to get 2 staples to close the gash. Think I was whining more then he was. So whatcha writin’? Is that a no-no to ask? is there a handbook I could referr to on writer etiquette? kidding,sort of… gotta admit my curiosity about yor new book is increasing by the day(thoughts are all over today,not enough time to organise them in the 5 minutes I have before I crash, oops still whining)Might have to break down and get a copy. Tho…I was considering Homestead first…Introduced the wee ones to “The Sound of Music” recently and it kind of set the tone…rambling, my bad. Anywho, hope the writing is going well and if I don’t end this soon I’l have a 1000 words!

  5. Bruce: 1130 words. Later than I planned, but hey. Still dealing with the mangled Mathematician.

    Sorry to hear about your son, hope he isn’t too uncomfortable.

    Now, you probably don’t realize it, but you just came up with a brilliant idea. An etiquette guide for how to approach authors… I could hae some fun with this.

    Soup: I’m so glad you enjoyed Homestead. thank you. I’m not sure what to say to Bruce when he mentions Sound of Music in relation to Homestead… apples and oranges?

    asdfg — glad to hear the book arrived okay, looking forward to hearing what you think.

    Sarah. Oh dear. I’ll see what I can do.

  6. Yup, come ta think of it I kinda liked the old page too,missing head and all…hehe, probably not what ya wanna here after all the work ya puttin in to get the new 1 running smoothly. Actaully I’m kinda on cruise control today so I’ve got notting constructive to say and thought I’d break the rule.

  7. Maybe the seller meant to type 5.49 instead of 51.49? Some sellers do a lot of volume–it could happen.

  8. If you think $51 for a book is over priced, check out the hardcover editions. An acceptable copy is going for $114 and some change!
    I love your books! Your characters have become more than names on paper. They’ve become old friends, who I can’t wait to hear from again. Keep up the good work! Heather

  9. Heather: but the hardcover edition is out of print, which explains the high price. The softcover is in print.

    Anamaria: If it were just one seller, maybe. But there are five who have ITW listed at over forty bucks.

  10. Could it be because that is a different cover than the one that is currently in print? Maybe someone really wants the blue cover, instead of the tan?

  11. Jennie — the original paperback release came in three different colors: dark red, dark blue, and maize. I suppose you might find somebody who wanted all three and was willing to pay a premium for that. But you are right, this is a slightly different edition. It’s unclear from the webpage but it might be the Australian edition — but if that’s the case, we’re back at square one, because ITW is still in print in Australia.

  12. Rosina: it’s people wanting to make money. And then it’s people lazy or stupid enough to buy it from them at that price. My husband bought a Wii (new nintendo system) for himself. He thought of buying another one and sell it on ebay, but we don’t feel right about it. Some people are selling them for a least twice the price they’re selling in stores. People know they can make a ridiculous profit and they have no shame.

  13. The really odd thing is, I was just on Amazon not 5 minutes ago and saw that listing. Nothing personal, but I was wondering why anyone in their right mind would pay that much. (And while I’m at it.. Thanks for causing me lack of sleep! Everytime I start a new book in the series I can’t stop reading!)

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