win something. right here, right now

A copy of Tied to the Tracks goes to the first person who answers this question correct:

Name the hog farmer who gets into a fight with a butcher at the Montreal open air market while Nathaniel and Robbie look on.

Submit your answers by means of a comment (click “your 2 cents” below). Note: the formatting on the comment page is a little off, but don’t let that stop you.

5 Replies to “win something. right here, right now”

  1. Sorry Rosina, I wasn’t signed in on this computer so I answered twice the answer is Pepin thank you Carolyn Stucchi

  2. oh man, i was so wrapped up in the Grey’s Anatomy finale I totally forgot until I was in bed and too tired (from crying & emotion) to come to the computer. Oh well. Congrats Carolyn

  3. Wow 5 minutes! Faithful fan. I was reviewing geography terms with son #1 for his test today. Congrats! I guess its time to do a reread…..after Frances Mayes (Under the Tuscan Sun)new travel book Sara. Also a word of thanks to the rain god….its raining in SW Florida today!!!!

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