why we should be good to dogs. and kids.

Robyn sent me a link to this article in a New Zealand paper about two separate incidents of very young children abandoned by abusive alcoholic parents. Both these boys were then taken in and nurtured by dogs. Both cases in Russia.

Aside from the tragedy, you’ve got to admire the fact that the human species is so capable of making links to whatever living creature will help with survival. (Also from Robyn, ever observant, more (a lot more) on feral children.)

I once considered the idea of a feral child character for the Wilderness books. While I do like the music in Disney’s oh so jolly version of a feral child’s life, I still found it disturbing (as I find most Disney movies disturbing just below the surface). I’d rather let the topic go than run the risk of trivializing child abandonment.

PS I’ll be putting up a slew of book and movie reviews over the next few days, fwiw.