why I'm not here

I have a lot of things to write about here, but just now I’m coping with a domestic problem, namely this: early this morning Bunny was attacked by a neighbor’s dog. Bunny is a little guy and the neighbor’s dog (Buster) is a very big dog: the bite marks stretch from Bunny’s spine to his lower abdomen. He’s got broken ribs and generally he’s in a lot of pain. I’ve been bursting into tears on and off all day and I’m not much good for anything. The other animals are upset too, especially Tuck, who was right there next to me when Bunny was attacked.

We brought him home from the vet just an hour ago and he’s sitting at my feet, wimpering. He goes back to the vet tomorrow for another xray and to see if they do have to operate after all.

It may take a few days for things to return to normal around here (assuming he is really on the mend), but I will be back.