Who is this blue-eyed man?

Blue-Eyed Stranger
Blue-Eyed Stranger

I’m always looking for images of people taken in the 1880s.  When I come across an interesting photo like this, I try to track down whatever information might be out there.

This time I came up with nothing at all. By the width of the lapels I can be pretty sure that it wasn’t taken in the 1880s, but that’s all I can say with any certainty. If you have any ideas, please speak up.

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  1. Rosina, you may try the Dead Fred’s Genealogy Photo Archive page on Facebook. There are probably others, but that is the only one I know about. It’s a page dedicated to unknown or rescued photos that attempts to help identify and find family.
    Do you have any info on this photo (something scribbled on the back hopefully?)
    Just a suggestion.

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