where oh where is book six?

You may have noticed that I had some trouble with the sidebar and had to delete it and start over. Some things got lost along the way.

The one I noticed immediately was the link to the “where oh where” post which explained the book six delay. I noticed it because I’m averaging three emails a day asking that question. The logical thing would just be to put that link back in the sidebar, but now I can’t find that post — or, I could, if I wanted to take an hour of writing time, which I don’t — so here’s a quick summary.

I am writing as fast as I can. Really. I would have liked to have finished this last novel in the series a year ago, but life threw us a lot of fast balls over the last two years, and I lost a lot of writing time. I won’t bore you with the details, but they have to do with things like major surgery, lost jobs, and children in peril.

Just a few days ago I promised my editor that I’d have the manuscript to her by the end of November, and I will do everything in my power to make that come true. Bantam has got this (still untitled) book six on the docket for publication in November or December 2009.

While I’m here, please note that there’s now a wall feature in the sidebar, where you can leave a note if you like.

Thanks to all of you for your understanding and patience. I hope you’ll find the story worth the wait.

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  1. While I’d like it sooner than later, I’ll read the book whenever it comes out.
    BTW, I just finished a marathon re-read of all the books in the series.  It’s amazing how much I had forgotten.  But having finished, I’m rev’d to read the series again and even to sign up for NaNoWriMo.

  2. I have gotten so many people to read the series that I can’t even get the first book to reread it!  Great historical research and lifestyles woven together for a series you can’t put down, but at the same time, don’t want to finish!!!!Will be anxiously waiting for your next book!!  May your days be peaceful so you can write it!!!!

  3. I have just finished book 4 and will begin book 5, Queen of Swords, later today.  As  a lifelong compulsive reader,  I am delighted to find your series of books,  and to find story lines that I want to pursue to their ends.  So many novels are disappointing and flat these days,  and it is such a pleasure to sit back and let my imagination flow with yours with this wonderful wilderness family.   Perhaps the adventures are a bit over the top,  but, in life, as in novels,   over the top is wonderful.
    I have passed my experiences with your wilderness series along to my daughter,  who is also a compulsive reader,  and she is spellbound.
    Now,  to find these other books you have written!!

  4. this is one of the best series I have read.  I understand the delay but will be waiting with bated breath for this book.  Your characters are so real and human and I want to have their stories happily ended and congratulate you on your efforts to entertain us.

  5. The Wilderness series is one of the best I have read. I love the “realness” (I know, there is no such word) of the characters – particularly Elizabeth & Nathaniel Bonner. Almost finished Queen of Swords and I do not know how I will cope with the wait for #6. Keep up the good work Rosina/Sara and a very big thank you for a great series. Regards…

  6. Love, love, love your wilderness series and always look forward to the next one.  but if the next one is the last one then i will wait with mixed feelings…thank you for sharing these books as they have brought many hours of happy escape.  i can relate to the bumps in life and hope for calmer winds.

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