8 Replies to “Where is everybody?”

  1. There there Rosina

    We haven’t forgotten you, just trying to give you some space and get on with our own stuff.

    I have this friend who on her website has the comment: you should probably be working on your own masterpiece but, if you’re looking for another distraction, come along for the ride!

    And some days I can be Queen of Distraction! Your site is particularly involving, so a break now and then is fine.

    Incidentally I was wondering about your pen-name ‘Donati’ and how you came up with that? Is it from Dante’s Divine Comedy?

    Have some chocolate, you’ll feel better.
    Have a baci!

  2. Hi Rosina!

    We are still there, just waiting for your comeback;-)
    I hope everything is fine or at least better now!

    Greetings from rainy Germany!

  3. No, I’ve been here, tied to the sword, so to speak.

    Donati, I’ve always wondered why you used the name in Homestead, thinking the character might have been a relative.

  4. Still reading, just waiting & hoping that things are well with you before distracting you with comments.

  5. Forgive me, but I know you will: Race of Scorpions is almost finished, and I can’t put it down. Still think Tobie’s a stick in the mud, but glad Katelina has seen some sense.

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