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Back in September of 2004 I made a list of writing projects that were in various stages of gestation in my mind. I went to find that post because I was just over at Beth’s, commenting on various things, including her posts about her relationship with her mother.

In that old post of mine I mentioned that every once in a while I think about writing something semi autobiographical, a memoir of sorts, about my childhood and my mother. I don’t think about this for long, because while I recognize that it would be a good thing for me to do for my own peace of mind, I’m not really nuts about the idea. If I needed a root canal, I’d go, but would I look forward to it? Nope. So someday I may write about my mother, who was not so good at the mothering thing. And not so good as a person, either. But that’s not a book I’m going to write anytime soon.

There are other books I am going to write. Here’s a list of things cooking in my head:

1. Pajama Jones (okay, I’m writing this one now. I put it here to give myself some motivation.)
2. Nurse John (working title: this is a contemporary retelling — maybe forward telling is a better word — of how Mary Bennett makes a life for herself after all her sisters go off and leave her to take care of a widowed and cranky father.)
3. Good Genes (working title: about a woman who reinvents herself in a big way (and at significant cost to others) at age 40. Revolves around a small commuter airline, where she ends up working as a flight attendant.)
4. The story of my paternal grandfather’s generation (Italy–America). this one needs no amping up, there’s a huge amount of drama in it without any help from me.
5. Nuns with Guns (the screenplay): we’re going to turn it into a novel.
6. a secret project I can’t talk about yet, which may turn into something big, and may fizzle. And it has nothing to do with the Wilderness series, okay?
7. You remember the Bronson/library/last will and testament thing? I’m going to use that as the structural framework for another novel.

So that takes me through the next (approximately) 12-14 years.

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  1. Oh, YES. YES! (sorry, couldn’t help it. At least it was only one.) This news (#8, of course) makes staying up until 12:25 adding books to my Librarything shelf completely worthwhile. Even if being about 30 books from needing a paid membership wasn’t worthwhile on its own.

    Honestly, though, I’m almost as excited about the Nurse John idea. I am intrigued, as a matter of fact. I kind of thought it would have been cute had Mary wound up with Mr. Collins — cute, but clichéd, and not very Austenish — but now I’m doubly glad she didn’t, because it gives you a very good reason to write Nurse John, or whatever you end up calling it.

    P.S. Thanks again for the librarything shove. (Even I don’t know whether that’s sarcastic or not at this point.)

  2. Your list made me tired. I too have thought of writing something that is a little autobiographical. Living in Detroit as the only white family for miles I accumulated a lot of interesting stories. Right now I am using some of my bus ride stories for a short story contest I am doing. I posted in my blog about some of these adventures.
    I am excited to hear about Journey’s End, what a cool title. I just started Tied to the Tracks and I really like it! I love Universities and hope to teach grant writing to budding social workers some day. Grant is so one of my old professors, my friend was the one that had the affair with him though. Anyways…good luck with your list! They all sound interesting.

  3. After I finish reading the Outlander Series (currently on book four) I am going to read your books by your real name. However, I do have to say that I am absolutely ecstatic that you are writing another Wildnerness novel. My mom is going to scream, I know it! I can’t wait and we haven’t even read QoS yet!!

  4. Looking forward to all. Maybe, for the times when you think about the memoir and your mother, think “Speaker of the Dead” style – just tell it how it was, even if it is just for yourself.

  5. “The Bronson/library/last will and testament thing”?? I’ve missed something. What are you referring to Sara? ….and I got a chuckle about the ~approximately 12-14-years prediction. Go. I’ll buy and read everything
    Cynthia in Florida

  6. Cynthia: use the search box and search the name Bronson — and all will be clear.

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