what was the date again?

I remember. 28 January. So the fact that one of my roses — specifically the Graham Thomas, a beautiful large yellow rose that blooms all summer long — has a blossom on it is a little odd.

Yes, we live in the mild Pacific Northwest. And yes, it’s been a wet winter. It’s also true that we live within ten minutes walk of the water — Puget Sound — in a protected sort of corner between low hills and the shore. Now add in this fact: fifty miles away to the east, the Mount Baker ski area was closed last week because of too much snow. Right now, this minute, the Mathematician is skiing in six feet of powder, and I’m sitting in my study looking at a newly opened rose.

To somebody who grew up in Chicago, this is all very odd.


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  1. we are having similarly odd phenomena here in massachusetts…for the third saurday in a row the temperature was above 50 degrees. three weeks ago on thursday i took a walk wearing only a sweatshirt with no jacket. this is normally the time of year where schools cancel because the pipes freeze cuz its only -13 outside. oh, and each week by the middle of the week it has been 20 degrees and snowing again (and this week, once again, we’re supposed to have a noreaster). the oddest january i’ve seen in my 18 years of life, i can tell you that! global warming, do you think?

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