What good people

Alison from NZ writes to say:

BTW I went to one of my local bookstores last week to buy a copy of TTTT as
a birthday present for a friend. It was at no. 6 on the bestseller list.

And my response: woooohoo! I love the folk downunder.

3 Replies to “What good people”

  1. I’m not surprised Rosina, I keep hearing great things about the book, I think it’s time I purchase it.

  2. It’s always a pleasure to be the bearer of good news.
    I’m quite proud that our tiny population in NZ is keeping you up there…

    Rosina, do you ever get any sort of a breakdown of sales by country? If so I was thinking you might persuade the Mathematician to do a little chart for us. I’d be really interested to see what other parts of the world your books sell in.

  3. I just emailed Village books. My sense of time has left me, i forgot that it was coming out this month…

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