What ails you?

I had an email from Cristy:

I am most of the way through The Gilded Hour and loving it! Yet I am torturing myself trying to figure out what “common ailment” the slack faced young girl from chapter 43 suffers from?! Please enlighten me!

It’s a very short passage Cristy is asking about. Anna and Elise are discussing a patient who is very young and whey-faced, or pale. She is pale because she’s lost a lot of blood, which follows from abortion. A woman who takes too much of certain herbal combinations that stimulate menstruation can end up hemorrhaging.

If there is no infection present and the abortion wasn’t incomplete, there is a good chance the young woman can be saved. 

Cristy, thanks for taking the time to write and ask about what interests you.

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  1. Rosina, I have just completed the last of the Wilderness series which all needed to be borrowed from inter library loan as my small library here in Proctor, Vermont does not have any of the books. I can’t wait to get the Gilded Hour…I have just loved your books and the amount of detail in them is just phenomenal. I looked online at Amazon to see if there was a set of the books in paperback so I could donate it to my library. I didn’t find one. That seems odd to me. If you know where I could get a set I really would like to donate it to my library. I know that other readers would enjoy the series as much as I did. Keep writing! I am so impressed and please know that many hours passed with one of your books on my lap in front of the woodstove this winter!

    1. Hi Carol,

      Do you mean, a matching set? All the same size? Because you are right, that doesn’t exist. There are larger-format paperback editions for the first and last books in the series, but regular format for the others. I wish I could help you with this, but it’s out of my control. I certainly appreciate the very kind thought. Your support means a lot.

      1. Thank you for the prompt reply. What I was looking for is a boxed set of all six of the Wilderness series in paperback. Large print is not necessary. I saw them individually on Amazon but not a set which is usually better priced vs. individually. Please pass this suggestion onto your publisher…I’m sure I am not the only reader who got hooked and then read all six! Would also be a great gift idea. ..today I picked up the Gilded Hour and that’s my book tonight to start. Thanks again for responding, you are an incredible writer. I read a lot and I really enjoyed the novels and the family relationships.

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