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  1. Hum. Didnt post right. Mine said I am Catrina of Aragon, Loyal, loving and incurably romantic. I press flowers in romance novels and love unconditionally.

    (I dont agree with the flowers in romance novels but everything else is right.)

  2. Today I am “Anna of Cleves, sensible, comfort-loving and practical. Not afraid to wear ugly shoes on a date.”
    What a wake up call. I remember when going out on a date was an excuse to buy new shoes…in fact, this quiz result is an excuse to buy new shoes. I suppose it was the answer about eating cake and chocolates that revealed me.

  3. I’m Catherine Parr too. Big surprise. I took this quiz at a gardening blog and turned out to be a violet just like the garden blogger.

    I guess all that says is the reason I visit these blogs is I have compatible interests.

    (Or maybe that Catherine Parr liked fuzzy pink sweaters, Barnes & Noble, and writing screeds to the New Yorker on her last night on Earth.)

  4. Hey, I’m Katherine Parr too… Anybody up for a cake and peach schnaps?

  5. We watch a lot of the programs Peter Weller hosts on the History Channel. His voice is so soothing, he’s just great at it. But my husband is always like, “that guy looks familiar…”

  6. Oh, pshaw! Hollywood is full of retired actors turned art history professors, specializing in early Roman architecture, specifically acqueducts

  7. Well, sure. But how many of them played a half man half android with a really, really big gun?

  8. OH! Husband just asked me, is it possible that you have never seen “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai across the Eighth Dimension”?

    I believe you have, because I think I’ve heard you quote “No matter where you go, there you are.” But, it’s the Peter Weller movie that unfailingly makes me smile, despite poor Ellen Barkin being forced to spend the whole thing in that little spiral of fringe held up by spaghetti straps. Best realization of a 13-year-old boy’s adventure fantasies EVER!

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