13 Replies to “we have a title”

  1. I like the title.  It gives the impression that although the books are coming to an end, the characters and their stories will live on in our imaginations.

  2. Sounds like a prefect title for the end of this amazing series. Love the new website layout too, it’s beautiful.

  3. Above,  it was mentioned the new title would be appropriate to end the series….is novel #6 the last in this series,  or are there more stories to tell about the Bonners and their extended families?I would be interested to know the author’s plans on this.  AND I sure to hate to wait til next year to read the rest!!Laura Bateman

  4. Firstly i would like to say how great i think all your novels are. i fell in love with the wilderness series and have since past on all the books i own to everyone and anyone who will listen to me rave on about them. Baited breath for the release of the 6th!I recently found tied to the tracks in the book store and as im from nz it was under the pen name Sara Donati and i just had to buy and read it. I loved it off course. At the end of the book it has a page on the wilderness series. It stated that book six was called “Journeys End” and was due out here in Nov 2008. Im confused!

  5. really really love it. Stays true to the series and brings it all full circle to the first novel. Big thumbs up from me!!!

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