smoke gets in your eyes

I’ve been writing pretty well just recently, but I don’t want to talk about that because I’m a superstitious Italian.

So here’s what’s new otherwise: tomorrow the first galley proof pass of Queen of Swords is supposed to land on my doorstep. With a large thump. I have until May 11 to get it back to them. This means the bound galleys (or ARCs, or advance reader copies) are just around the corner. Six weeks, maybe eight.

Today I drove two hours to get my eyes scanned. For a couple years now I’ve been thinking about laser surgery to correct my (deplorable) eyesight, and I was on the brink of actually doing it… but. My bottom line was this: only if I was eligible for the most advanced technology available, which right now is wavefront. And the only way to know if I was eligile was to get in the car and go all the way down to the surgical center, and then I spent ten minutes staring at lights while computers hummed, and after all that:

Nope. My corneas are too thin and my prescription too strong. And after I got my nerve up and everything.

Tomorrow I hope to have more great writing news not to tell you about. And by the way, it’s FOUR MORE DAYS until the end of the pile o’ books drawing. So get your rear in gear if you haven’t already.