visual prompt: truck, cliff

truck by the side of the road
truck by the side of the road

I haven’t posted any visual prompts lately, but it occurs to me that you should see this one, because it is closely linked to the post that just went up at Writer Unboxed. The real impetus for that whole scenario came from the Snopes website, which is a great source of story material. In this particular case, take a look at this photo.

A pickup truck ran off the road. No big deal, right?

Now click here and follow the photos down, and then come back. I’ll wait.

I still gasp every time I look at that last photo. In any case, it surely jump-started my imagination. And made a place for itself in my dreams.

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  1. when I click on the photo and on the “here” link i get a green face. links not working for me, using firefox.

    from Lynn’s post, i’m guessing the truck stopped just before completely falling off a huge cliff.

    1. I’ve put the link to the original article at Snopes at the end of the post, which I think will solve your problem.

  2. Ok so at first I thought you really meant to show us a green face. I was like “um… is this a joke?” but then I saw it. That guy was very lucky…. Hopefully he went home feeling he had a second chance at life.

  3. Luck doesn’t even begin to describe it. Makes me wonder what the driver did immediately after and later.

  4. Yah. Wow.
    And I began thinking immediately of rationales for why the driver avoided the big drop. Does that mean I’m a glass half full person? ‘Cause I have a spouse who’d dispute that…

    If he was a local, for instance, he’d probably know what was on the other side. So with the long skid marks the police reported, and the likelihood he was speeding, was he gearing up his courage for a suicide run, and what made him change his mind? Because I think he changed his mind. A vision? A second thought? A picture on the dash of the truck, shaken loose by the vibrations of high speed to which his elderly truck was unaccustomed (i.e.: a sign). I totally get how this would be a writing prompt. All sudden-like. Thanks.

  5. Holy cow! Incredible photos. I posted the snopes link on my facebook page and then gave you credit for it originally, then gave your blog link. Hope that is okay!

  6. Hmm..maybe a passenger?
    “You idiot!” frantically unbuckling her seat belt and reaching for the door handle.
    “I TOLD you you were going to fast!”

  7. ..just thought of a couple more lines for that fictional dialogue.
    Groans..”Wait , honey..”
    Door half open she looks back “Yes?!”
    He pauses, he looks away”Watch out for coyotes.”

  8. A fear of heights can make you really Appreciate this photo in the worst way. Looking at it makes me think of involuntary roller-coaster screams. You know the feeling: climbing, climbing, white-knuckled anticipation almost to the top scream pushing like a fist up your throat and then exploding out of your head like an AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! Man, I love that feeling. Bet this wasn’t that fun, though. This was more of an “OOps, I crapped my pants” moment.

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