Virtual Workshops: Paperback Writer Gets Busy. Again.

Lynn Viehl of the splendid Paperback Writer weblog does a virtual workshop every year, and this year’s version gets started  on July 13 .  There’s more information about the workshop here.

Other authors with weblogs also participate by setting up workshops of their own, and Lynn provides a master list so you can see who is doing what.

I did one of the Lynn-inspired-and-organized workshops two years ago (or three?). When I read about the preparations she’s making, I think, yes, I should do that again. But you know what? I’m at a loss for a subject. It seems that over the last five years I’ve posted and workshopped just about every craft and publishing issue to death, and I hate the idea of boring everybody. I don’t want to be the old lady who retells the same stories over and over again.

However, if y’all would like to come up with subjects  for the week, day by day, and those subjects are things I can actually provide materials for, I would be happy to do this again. So you know how this works, here’s Lynn’s list of workshop topics:

Monday, July 13th: Conceptual Planning, Construction and Development — an architectural approach to concept writing.

Tuesday, July 14th: Middlemarch — plotting and writing the middle of the story.

Wednesday, July 15th: E-Future Part I — first part of a two-day workshop on digital publishing.

Thursday, July 16st: E-Future Part II — second part of a two-day workshop on digital publishing.

Friday, July 17th: Art vs. Life — using your creative talents to find solutions to problems in your writing life and everyday life, especially when the two collide.

Saturday, July 18th: Diversify and Survive — approaches and strategies to help strengthen your publishing career.

Sunday, July 19th: Agents and Writers — the reality of literary representation, and how to deal with an agent after signing.

Monday, July 20th: Ask PBW Anything — Open Q&A where you can grill me on anything writing- or biz-related.

Don’t feel obligated, because I won’t be offended if there’s nothing you want to hear me yammer about again. On the other hand, I would be happy to participate if there are things you want me to talk about. So suggest a topic or two, if you like, and we’ll see if it’s doable.