Vanity Fair — screenplay by M Faulk & J Fellowes

[asa book]B0006FO8E8[/asa] See this movie for the wonderful costumes, fantastic historical detail, and photography.

See if it you like Reese Witherspoon; see it for the other beautiful people.

Don’t see it for the acting, which is barely adequate in the best cases and overblown in the worst (Gabriel Byrne, what happened?).

Absolutely do not see it for the plot, which sags in the middle like a mattress in a by-the-hour-motel. I don’t know where the blame lies (Mira Nair, the director, has done some great work in the past), but that doesn’t really matter. The bottom line is, there’s no energy, no wit, and no reason to see what should have been an insightful social commentary but ended up a soggy romance.