vacations end

Today the Girlchild comes home from England. She’s been away a lot this summer, and I’m looking forward to having her home. I’m not so much looking forward to picking her up from the airport, which involves crossing the border (twice) just when long delays are likely. But hey. Audiobooks were made for such situations.

I haven’t been writing well this week. Think good thoughts, I’m hoping for a turn around in the next couple days.

Today Bunny goes back into surgery.

If you’ve got any questions, please feel free to post them in the comments. I might even be able to answer some of them this weekend.

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  1. Rosina – my best wishes to Bunny (and to the rest of your family re the trauma of the poor little guy losing his eye).

    Did the vet have any idea what caused it? I know that certain health conditions can cause pressure build up behind and/or in the eye but don’t know whether or not the vet can a) tell what caused this and/or b) ensure it doesnt happen to the little guy again.

    And I think he’s adorable – and he will look quite dashing especially if you put colorful eye patches on him – and he may decide he likes to wear them and the attention – you never know.

    And hey I too like bread – so I understand his fixation – good thing he doesn’t know about balsamic vinigar and olive oil and dipping french loaf and/or other wonderful breads in the oil hey??

    Keeping him and you and yours in my prayers.

    Also kudos on the post re depression – I too have suffered from it and concur that the only way that the stigma attached to the meds and the condition will ever diminish is if more people are open about it – and also I concur that the best way to get your loved ones help is to talk about it – but it is an incredibly brave thing to do re opening up about it and also equally hard is to recognize and acknowledge when symptoms may be building again and when to go and get help.


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