USA Today likes Tied to the Tracks

Today’s USA Today names Tied to the Tracks as a Critic’s Pick:

And don’t miss:

•Tied to the Tracks by Rosina Lippi (Putnam, $23.95, June 8). When a Yankee documentary news crew comes to a small town in Georgia, all sorts of secrets pop out about lost loves.

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  1. You must forgive me, I cant type at two in the morning (Thats what time it is here) I meant to say: Just another thing to add to the Hundreds of reasons to go out and buy it!

    I am sure that Rosina would love it if we all went out on the 8th of June!

  2. I Recived TTTT and Homestead yesterday. I cannot wait to read them. I am halfway through a series (I have to finish a series once I start it) But TTTT is my next on the list. I am a little upset with Village Books, my copies were supposed to be signed but were not. Not your fault though. Hope the Mathematician is faring well!

  3. Kristina — I went in and signed your copies, so I don’t know what went wrong. Did you look at all the early pages? I’m assuming you did.

    You should call them tomorrow. Really. You call them, and I’ll call them, and we’ll get it straightened out.

  4. Congrats on your new site. Happy New Year! Thank you for the newsletter. I loved the letter from Lily. Looking forward to more letters.

  5. Nice, like woot ya did with the place. Like the New Year’s resolutions, mind if I borrow a few? I’ve bin fascinated, and a bit envious of storytellers since I was wee. Glad I found this place, it’s renewed passions long dormant. Keep on, telling stories, it’s a wonderful gift :D

  6. [drops off a loaf of virtual chocolate-cherry bread to help warm the new house]

    Congratulations and happy new year!

    Housekeeping: Your link under SEEK AND YE MIGHT FIND has one dot too many [] while the link under WHAT ABOUT THE OLD… lacks an “o” []

    For your 51st excellent year, I recommend: When You Eat at the Refrigerator, Pull Up a Chair by Geneen Roth, which is a purse-sized compendium of Very Wise Stuff in easily-digestible servings. Viz, the little chapter “Ask for Help: You Can’t Do It Alone” which begins:

    We need help. It’s that simple. We live in a culture that encourages change by using deprivation and shame. Anorexically thin women are the standard of beauty. Quiet self-reflection is considered self-indulgent or lazy. And the answer is always in something you don’t have, don’t know, or need to buy. The language of curiosity, kindness, and acting on your own behalf is foreign where we live; it is like speaking Serbo-Croatian in Chinatown.

    …We are so used to battering ourselves around. To toughing it out. To taking care of everyone else and not looking after ourselves. We are used to throwing the seeds of our lives in soil and not paying them one more minute of attention. In fact, we do the opposite. We stamp on our hearts. We attack and punish ourselves. We don’t trust our fundamental desire to move toward the light…

    The difference between asking for and receiving help is like the difference between trying to hold yourself up in midair and floating in a swimming pool. The first requires unbelievable effort and is still impossible. The second is a natural function of being supported by the environment in which you place yourself. When you ask for help, hurdles of the mind and heart that seemed totally insurmountable on your own become effortless. Anything is possible.

  7. What a fabulous way to start the new year – a fresh new look. Congratulations! Thanks also for the newsletter I enjoyed reading Lily’s letter and look forward to reading more like it. All the best for 2007.

  8. Rosina? I didn’t get your newsletter, though I got a positive subscription check. What should I do?

  9. I loved the newsletter! The letter from Lily was full of wonderful little clues about the new book. It will be nice to have the whole family together. I am also looking forward to seeing how many “new nieces and nephews” there are, and who they were born to. I so hope that we get more letters from the Bonners in the newsletters to come. What a treat. Thanks Rosina!

  10. Thankyou for the newsletter
    It was very interesting especially with the letter from Lily about how many nieces and nephews would be there as well
    When Lily gets home from Rome

  11. To one of the moderators. Can’t seem to register for the forum. I type in info (name, e-m, password) and then get this message:
    “The letters you typed don’t match the letters that were shown in the picture.” I have no idea what it means or what to do. Help!

  12. Welcome to your new home! I’d’ve brought an e-housewarming gift if I could’ve thought of anything, but right now all I can think of is coffee.

  13. Great post! My resolution this year is to talk more to my family. Being almost 2,000 miles away it is almost too easy to loose touch with everyone.

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