a few quick things:

1. As of right now 142 people have signed up here to win a signed copy of Pajama Girls. Next week I’ll draw the first name from that pool, with more to follow. So be sure to sign up there if you haven’t already.

2. The first entries in the ‘reading in my pajajams’ contest have started trickling in. There are thumbnails in the near right column, which you can click on. You’ll end up at the flickr page for the photo so you can have a better look, and you can, if you like, leave a comment there. Today we got the first entry of an entire family reading in their jammies, and I’m hoping for more of those. Of course, the ones of dogs and babies are just as cute, but I’m hoping for a wide range of approaches.

Now I have to go back to this party. I’m almost as nervous about it as  M is.