updates: reading and readings, Pajama Girls

All kinds of little bits of information and commentary I’ve been meaning to post:

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be contributing a once-a-month column at Writer Unboxed. Please stop by and say hello. I would like to see some familiar faces over there.

The ‘tell me what happened in 1883’ experiment is going better than I ever imagined. Y’all have dug up some fantastic stuff… more on that when I close the post and do the giveaway drawing.

I just finished reaading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, a novel I really liked for a variety of reasons. I’ll post a review soon.

Thank you for all the suggestions on how to resolve the when-is-the-book-coming-out question. I’m going to implement a couple of them and hope they do the trick.

On February 12 I’ll be reading and answering questions at the Burlington Public Library here in northwestern Washington State. If you are nearby, please stop in.  The session starts at 7pm.

[asa book]0425225917[/asa] The Pajama Girls of Lambert Square will be coming out in trade paper on March 3. If you do plan on buying a copy, please consider pre-ordering from your favorite book store or from Amazon. Preorders are one of those factors that really contribute to a book’s success. Pajama Girls needs to do well if I want to write another book.

The puppy mill saga is still ongoing. They’ve now seized more than five hundred dogs from mills owned by one family in two different counties. I offered to foster one or two pups when they get that far. This is a dangerous thing for me to be doing, as I will find it hard to give them up. But I do have experience with small-breed rescue, and I think my two monsters would be a great help at rehabilitating dogs who have been shut up in cages.

In my next post I’m going to talk about The Endless Forest and the publication process.

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  1. Dear Rosina,
    I recently reread Pajama Girls and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it, and how sad it would be if you couldn’t publish another modern novel. I’m sure this is something your agent has thought of, and please excuse my presumption, but have you approached Australian publishers, like Allen & Unwin, as you are a big hit in Australia?

    I also wanted to ask about the cover of the book on the trade paperback in Australia. It’s a very appealing cover, but seems completely misleading to me, as it features 2 young girls wearing summer dresses running along what could be a beach, nothing about pyjamas or linen or the American South. I guess that the lovely covers you’ve posted here would be available through Amazon, if I wanted to get a book for someone else?

  2. Sheena — thank you so much for those encouraging words.I hope I get to write another contemporary novel, too.

    I agree that the cover art for the Australian editions is a bit odd. Attractive, yes, but with no obvious connection to the stories. I hope people might take a chance on them, anyway.

  3. Dearest Rosina/Sara, While I have enjoyed your contemporary books, My Heart belongs to the Wilderness Series. Elizabeth, Nathanial and families and friends are my favorites. I have read, Homestead and Tied to the tracks. But your historial fiction will continue to hook me at every turn. As far as the covers on the books, the original Wilderness cover is splendid and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of that kind of art on the covers. I’m in the Ozark area of the USA and really appreciate all the factual historical input of all your novels. The Queen of Swords was a super novel. I would recommend that High school History students read the whole Wilderness series just for the deliniation of timeline and how it affected other parts of the US. Please never stop writing about this family and their descendents. The opportunities are endlesss and I just know you will always maintain that warmth and family closeness and factual occurances in your books. I call them Historical Novels, while they are often listed in Historical Romance. So I just keep looking til I find them. YOur family must be so proud of you. I would be if I found we were related. Best of everyting with “The Endless Forest”. Delsie

  4. What about Kindle book downloads?

    I recently was gifted with a Kindle and, aside from a set of first-generation design issues, I like it very much.

    One of its best features is the ability to download the first 10 percent of a book with a link at the end saying, “liked it? buy it!” which I did after sampling Tied to the Tracks. Pajama Girls is also in the queue.

    Amazon is really pushing this thing and there are a lot of evangelists out there (one of them was my Santa Claus), so I am curious to know how sales of Kindle editions stack up against paperback and hardcover, if you know offhand?

  5. @firefly: I’ve been meaning to post about the Kindle, and I’ll try to do that later today.

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