Do those of you outside the States know the expression say uncle? It’s when you’ve got somebody in a lockhold and they won’t admit they’re beat. You demand say uncle! and eventually the poor bugger gives in and whimpers: uuuuuuncle.

And then you let him go.

You know those autographed pages of the Queen of Swords galley proofs? Well I’ve got about twenty still to send out, but I’ve also got a problem. Somehow my neat piles of postcard requests got messed up. I don’t know which requests I’ve already filled, and which I haven’t. Consequently I have two choices:

1. I could pretend I hadn’t sent any pages, and start from scratch. That way some people would get a second envelope from me.

2. I can cry uncle, and admit I’m stumped.

I’m going with the second option. So here’s the deal: If you are not in the States and you’ve already sent me a postcard requesting a signed galley proof page, and if you haven’t received one yet, please email me to say so. Then with your name in hand, I can find your postcard and send along your page. If you have received a page from me, please don’t email to say so. I just want to hear if you haven’t got one yet.