unabridged audio: into the wilderness

UPDATE Books on Tape does have the unabridged (cassette) version of Into the Wilderness for sale, and it’s way cheaper than it used to be. You’ll find the order page here.

I’ve had a few emails over the last couple weeks from people who are frustrated in their search for the unabridged audio version of Into the Wilderness.
It is hard to find, and when you find it, it’s only on cassette. And hugely expensive. Audible.com has the third, fourth and fifth volumes up and running (and will have the sixth, as well). They keep telling me that they’ll have the first two novels in unabridged format up “soon.” So I understand your frustration, because my patience is wearing thin, too. I’ll email my agent about this again and see if we can kick Audible into action.

In the meantime, the publication information for the unabridged version of ITW can be found here or here. Sometimes it shows up on Ebay. If I can find a full set here, I’ll do a giveaway for anybody who might be interested in old-fashioned cassettes. Is anybody?

If you do run across a copy, be sure it is NOT narrated by JAYNE ATKINSON. If the narrator is JAYNE ATKINSON, then it’s the (awful horrible) abridged edition. The unabridged edition is narrated by KATE READING.

To be absolutely clear: Jayne Atikinson = abridged — Kate Reading = unabridged.

When I hear back from audible, I will post that information here.