two days

That’s all the break I can realistically take. And now that the initial adrenaline rush is wearing off and I’m all shaky, I’m thinking I may sleep for the whole 48.

Or sleep, alternating with watching Firefly. Which we finally get to see because I gave in and joined NetFlix. The only bad thing about Firefly (aside from the ‘Shindig’ episode which really was awful) is how good it is, so I’m watching and always thinking, there’s only one season and a movie? Why did they cancel this? What is wrong with the tv industry?

Which brings me to another little bit of news. Or maybe not. I’m feeling superstitious, I’d best hold off.



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  1. Ohhh, that is devilish of you! Tell! Tell!

    That aside, congrats on finishing (is that appropriate to say? I hope it is not like saying-congrats-to-a-bride kind of faux pas). I can’t wait to get QOS into MY hands!

  2. Sara – congratulations! This piece of news made my day. I can’t wait to find out what happened to Janet and Hannah and Luke.

  3. Kudos for completing QOS. Thanks for all the hard work.

    Could the news be related to … a book … a TV miniseries? (Really the best way to remain faithful to the spirit of a book, IMHO.)

  4. no, no, no, nothing to do with a miniseries or wilderness at all. completely different kettle of fish.

  5. Firefly…cancellations…please, please let it be something Farscape-related…! (Going off to search frantically now, by the way!)

  6. Congratulations on finishing QOS. Can’t wait to see it out hopefully sometime this year. Glad you like Firefly, I knew you would. I didn’t really mind Shindig, I thought it was a rather sweet episode. I think I liked the use of Chinese in that episode and the glimpse of an onworld society. What I think is interesting about Firefly (one of the things, I should say), is that the writing, the characters etc are so good, so spot on so quickly in the creative process. Usually it takes a show a while to warm up (farscape is like this, I think). Joss Wheedon has said that the consequence of the threat of cancellation hanging over their heads was that it made him write better, work out what was important very early on etc.
    You might want to check out the book, “finding serenity” which has some interesting little articles in it.

  7. What I want to know is who at Bantam can we harass, cajole, or bribe to get QOS off the presses and into our hands!

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