Jena has a post about Peter Watts, an author who is raffling off a spot in his next novel to benefit the Philadelphia Public Library. Apparently this process of naming a character after a specific person is called Tuckerising. Except I can’t find any references to the term. Anybody want to fill me in?

I have never based any character on a living person.

Now that the lawyers have stopped reading, I’ll amend that statement: some of my characters are amalgams of people I have known, which makes them fictional. Some of these amalgams are positive; some certainly are not. But Tuckerising confuses me. I suppose for fun I could name a character after somebody I know: Pokey Bolton, Robyn Bender, Sister Mary Ellen, JoLynn Mutschinsky, Ellen Turner, Winnie Chambers, Nini Fink — all names out of my present or past. But why would people actually pay for raffle tickets for such a dubious honor, unless it’s solely to support the good cause behind it? While you’re explaining Tuckerising to me, maybe you can fill me in on this, too. Please.

On another note, can anybody tell me what Coca Cola Cake tastes like? I’m curious, but not curious enough to actually make one.