Tuck, the Wonder Puppy



Today my dog saved a life.

First you should realize that Tuck is a little guy. Eighteen pounds of muscle and bounce and good cheer.

On Mondays Tuck and Bunny go spend the day with Sherrie, who takes them for two or three long runs, sometimes as much as ten miles. It’s the doggy version of strength training. So today Sherrie was driving down a country road with Tuck next to her. She was going to feed her pig (Sherrie is an animal lover sine qua non; she has a huge pet pig called Annabelle) when Tuck starts barking. Really, really barking. Loud, insistent. He keeps looking out the window and looking at Sherrie. She slows down, but can’t see anything going on. Tuck is clearly upset, but in the end she goes ahead, feeds the pig, and heads home again.

As they approach the same spot on the road, Tuck begins to howl. She stops again, and this time she sees that there is smoke coming from an isolated house. She jumps out of the car just as somebody else pulls up.

The person who pulled up was a neighbor. Sherrie says, is there anybody home? Are there animals in the house?

The neighbor runs in and comes out with a dog. By the time the fire department gets there, the house is engulfed. The unfortunate owners lost everything, but they’ve still got their dog.

Because of Tuck, the Wonder Puppy.