Top 20 — almost top 10 for Sara Donati

M.K. Tod has put up a survey on favorite writers of historical fiction — and I made the number eleven slot in some really excellent company. I didn’t know this survey was running and I didn’t send anybody over to vote, so I can feel good about this without reservation.

It’s a lovely boost when I’m trying to pin down information on the Staten Island railroad circa 1880. Very exciting chapters I’m working on, despite how that sounds.

Unravelled, M.K. Tod

M.K. Tod’s primary interests are WWI and WWII — an interest we have in common (ala Homestead, in particular). She’s got a novel out (Unravelled) that I just ordered for my Kindle. The description:

In October 1935, Edward Jamieson’s memories of war and a passionate love affair resurface when an invitation to a WWI memorial ceremony arrives. Though reluctant to visit the scenes of horror he has spent years trying to forget, Edward succumbs to the unlikely possibility of discovering what happened to Helene Noisette, the woman he once pledged to marry. Travelling through the French countryside with his wife Ann, Edward sees nothing but reminders of war. After a chance encounter with Helene at the dedication ceremony, Edward’s past puts his present life in jeopardy.

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  1. Got it! I always read your suggestions.

    Congrats on being #11!

    A suggestion for you: I need to go search out the excerpt of your in-progress novel. I read it quickly, but need to read it more slowly. How about putting a link up on your home page so that newcomers are aware of it and can get to it quickly?

    Yes, I’ve read the Niccolo series twice. It’s about time to reread it. I also have read the Lymond Chronicles twice. Interesting to me is that the first Lymond book was her first ever. Mega amounts of non-English phrases. I think she put too many of those in her first. But she learned about too much..

  2. Nice to know that others love your stories as much as I do. And thanks for the book suggestion.

  3. That story sounds quite tempting indeed. Thanks for posting and congrats on making that Top 20 list!

    I read: Gather the Bones late last year about a WWI survivor and quite enjoyed it – had an Australian – English connection.

  4. Excellent book! The close up descriptions of both wars was, well, gruesome and mesmerizing. The symmetry of the two lead characters’ dilemmas was wonderful.

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