today the girlchild is nineteen

Girlchild, age threeNostaglia is the order of the day.

She was a lively, stubborn, curious, loving little kid. And oh, she was funny. What I wouldn’t give to have the three-year old Girlchild to hold on my lap for ten minutes, to listen to her stories and answer her questions. As in this exchange on a Sunday morning when she was about the same age as this photo:

Girlchild: Mama, let’s go to the toy store.

Me: It’s seven o’clock on Sunday morning. The toystores are all closed.

Girlchild, thoughtfully: You have many keys.

As it is, we will take her to her favorite restaurant for dinner, and talk to her about summer plans and books she’s reading and her political science class.

And I will try to live in the moment.