Lillie Langtry
Lillie Langtry

I love timelines. I like being able to see events in relation to each other. I’d like it even better if there were three dimensions to a timeline, but I’m satisfied with two.

As I was organizing a lot of the material I’ve gathered (and you gathered) about 1883, it occured to me that there might be an easier way to put together a timeline, and I did a search which brought me to the wondrous XTimeline.  I prompty spent an hour inputting about half of what I have, and now I’m all woozy headed in my enthusiasm.  Here’s my 1883 Manhattan-centric timeline. Note that the timeline moves horizontally (the slider is at the bottom of the timeline and not at the right hand side, as usual). You can look at it in two different formats (buttons at upper right).

If you have any interest in adding bits and pieces, you just have to register (no cost) and let me know, and I’ll give you access. If you participated in the giveaway a few weeks ago (you can see that here), you know what I’m looking for.  What would be especially great would be events relating to women’s history, birth control (advances, court cases, etc), social events, and public health. I need to start putting in what I have about epidemics and illness and medical training.  Any suggestions very welcome.

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