Tied to the Tracks publicity stuff

I just got this from the publicity people at Putnam:

We would appreciate a selective list of appropriate people to whom we might
send either bound galleys for advance comment or bound books for possible review. (These may be critics, feature writers, columnists, personalities, other authors or prominent individuals who may be interested in your book to the extent of wanting to comment on it or give it exposure.) Please attach the list to this questionnaire

A while ago I asked here about this. A half dozen or so people who fit the profile emailed and asked to be included ont he list. And now I can’t find those darn emails, which I put away carefully. So if you wrote to me then and said you wanted to be on the list, please email me again, rosinalippi AT pobox DOT com. Include contact/mailing information and I’ll forward it to the publicity people. I haven’t asked them directly, but my sense is that if you have a well established book review website, your name can be included.