Tied to the Tracks in trade paperback

Tied To The Tracks
Here’s the cover for TTTT when it comes out in trade paperback next year with Berkley Books.

I like this cover. I can’t tell you how it’s connected to the story, but it has the kind of energy that I associate with Angie.

And credit where it’s due:

Jacket design by Rita Frangie
Jacket photo by Altrendo Images

6 Replies to “Tied to the Tracks in trade paperback”

  1. I like it too, ovious reasons aside( I am a man after all;) I like the colours, very fresh and light.
    P.s lil skinny for my tastes though :)

  2. I like it myself Rosina, I feel it shows a certain feminity that I like. The woman seems to be a free spirit, someone who is having lots of fun. I haven’t had the pleasure of reading TTTT just yet but I am looking forward to it.

  3. The paperback cover is bright and fresh but I actually prefer the cover we have in the Australian edition. The cover here is done in reds and oranges and has an obviously very happy young lady standing on the beach with the wind blowing taking a photograph (the image of the lady is frontal if that makes sense). In the far background you can see a very choppy ocean with blurred people walking) The edge of the picture appears to be a film negative. I think this cover is very eye catching and is really appropriate for the novel.

  4. Definitely looks like a cover that would catch my attention in the stores or on a bookshelf, it would get me to read a blurb on the back for sure. Heck, who am I kidding, I have bought one book for just the cover because I liked the art work so much and it drew my attention- of course I still haven’t read that book. LOL

    I agree, fresh and airy, reminds me of a nice summer day where the smell of fresh cut grass is in the air.

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