Tied to the Tracks: Australia/NZ

Tied to the Tracks
Jacqui came up with this: The Australian cover for Tied to the Tracks. It is nothing like the American cover, as you can see. In addition to the fact that it’s coming out under the Sara Donati name downundah, the whole feel is different. You might not see a connection to the story straight off.

For what it’s worth, I see a connection and more than that: I love the image. I was hoping they’d fix the wobbly type, but the image? I am delighted.

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  1. Too cute! What’s the strategy behind releasing it under Sara Donati downundah?

  2. Sara, that’s great! Now I know what I’m looking for when I comb the bookstores. The light and the beach feel is very appropriate for down here, too. When is it released here?

  3. great cover! I’ll have to order it from amazon australia, but I like the US release as well….eeinneee meeineee minneeee mo :)

  4. Great connection to the story for me. The lettering wonkiness isn’t so bad. Kind of growing on me.

  5. According to the Random House Australia site, its due for release on the 1st of Aug. Not sure if I will give in and order from the US before then!

  6. The seaside setting threw me at first, but then the picture taking, the preservation of memories, the hidden face, it reminded me of the story in those ways.

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