Thirteen Books (Thursday Thirteen)

Alison Kent does this thing on Thursdays, a variation on the meme. This week I decided to jump in. Here are thirteen books at the top of my to be read (or, to be re-read) pile, but in no particular order.

1. The Power of the Dog: A Novel (Thomas Savage)
2. A gentleman of color: the life of James Forten (Julie Winch)
3. American grit : a woman’s letters from the Ohio frontier (Anna Briggs Bentley)
4. Denmark Vesey (David Robertson)
5. The Thirteenth tale: A Novel (Diane Setterfield)
6. Understanding Comics (Scott McCloud)
7. Cancer Vixen: A True Story (Marisa Acocella Marchetto)
8. The Observations (Jane Harris)
9. King Leopold’s ghost : a story of greed, terror, and heroism in Colonial Africa (Adam Hochschild)
10. Brookland (Emily Barton)
11. Little, Big (John Crowley)
12. Summer at Willow Lake (Susan Wiggs)
13. The Crossroads Cafe (Deborah Smith)