things i didn't get done today

I still have to answer the question about how authors get paid/earn money and respond to Robin’s comment, both things I meant to do today, but then life got in the way.

Or actually Bunny did.

Odd little Bunny boy, our rescue dog. We’ve had him for three years now. He’s quite the personality, which I suppose is part of how he survived on the streets until the rescue people picked him up.

At any rate, Bunny nearly lost an eye this evening. It just … popped out, I guess that’s the only way to put it. And yes, it is as awful as it sounds. It’s almost two in the morning here and I just brought him home from the emergency vet. The surgery took a long time. The eye is back where it’s supposed to be but there’s only a twenty percent chance that he’ll retain any sight on that side.

He looks so sad, his face all swollen and his eyelid sewn shut. And he’s really, really pissed off (even dopey from the anesthetic he’s pissed off) about the collar he has to wear so he can’t scratch the injured eye. A bundle of emotions, is our Bun. I’m pretty shaky myself, to tel the truth, or I wouldn’t be babbling on about this at two in the morning.

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  1. Rosina,
    Hope that Bunny is feeling a little better today. My shelties send Bunny good wishes for a speedy recovery. :) Hope that you are feeling better, too.


  2. Oh my! I’m glad that they were able to do emergency surgery on Bunny’s eye.

    Reach into the collar and give him a scratch on the head, behind the ears, from me. Good Bunny.

  3. Damn! didn’t see that coming! was looking at that wee lil dog then read” it just…popped out” Oh man..thought i’d be the last person ta get squeamish about an injury. All kinds of imagery going through my head, must of bin awful! …probably not helping. Poor dog,poor you! I’m sure Bunny’l be fine, sounds like a resilant lil dog. WIsh him a speedy recovery from the big dog,Wolfy
    (never gonna get that outa my head)

  4. Hi Sara,
    hope Bunny is feeling better soon, what an awful injury for him and for you to go through.
    By the way, i wasnt sure where to put this comment so its here. The weblog web page is all mental for me again. there’s nothing down the side, its all below it and some parts of the text are missing altogether. i’m using internet explorer.

  5. I feel your pain, Rosina. I have spent many hours and much dough in the emergency vet’s office. We are fortunate that our emergency vet hospital has everything from a CAT scan machine to a daily inlfux of every veterinary specialist you could imagine. It still doesn’t assuage the panic, though, especially in the middle of the night, when all this stuff invariably happens.

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