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  1. I’m afraid I don’t know what fiskeboller is, but the rest of it sounds fun. I can’t wait to read it!

  2. What, no Johansen’s Surprise? The herring, my god, the herring!

    Heh, my experience with Swedes is that they’re most terrifying when they’re organizing you.

    As for the blurb itself, it’s hard to suss, for some reason. First paragraph, I think: Dodge is one of those opportunist money-takes-all bastards, and Julia is someone who sees through his BS. Second paragraph, this seems to carry through (with nod to Dodge beginning to rethink being M.T.A. bastard), but third paragraph throws me, because the description of Julia now sounds like someone who’s just very anal-retentively refusing to change, rather than someone principled and orderly. I think it might be the emphasis on keeping her world ‘safe and comfortable’ — but although the Swede bit implies humor, that shift in characterization felt a bit off to me.

    Just my two kronor! ;D

  3. Sounds frisky and fun. Reading through I kept thinking that Julia reminds me of someone and then I realized…that is myself…how funny.
    Anyway, I just recently discovered your books and your website. This is my first time commenting but I log on every other day or so to see what’s going on and I always visit this blog.I appreciate the time you take to post. I am on the third book in the wilderness series and I am loving every minute. I only wish there were more hours in the day so I could get more reading done. Near the end of the second book I think I was up til three a.m. I could not put the book down! (I am a homeschool mom and struggled the next morning with our lessons.)
    Thank you for books, your blog and your wonderful imagination.

  4. I’d read it as is. BUT, I think your audience is mostly females, and so I’d put a line or more about Julia Darrow first.

  5. I love this line– it’s great teaser and it shows a hint of the authorial voice of the text:

    Julia owns Cocoon, where she sells antique linens and designer pajamas. She’s great at making beds, but as Dodge finds out, it’s very difficult to get her into one.

    I’m imagining myself reading this blurb as I browse books in the bookstore. After reading this, I get an idea of a romance that anchors a set of relationships between slightly oddball characters. For some reason, this looks very similar to the zany characters and relationships in “Northern Exposure.” Which is good; I enjoyed that show very much. I’d buy the book.

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