the power of the image

I’ve written once or twice about how visually oriented my creative process is. I depend on images of all kinds to wake up my imagination and in some strange way, my consciousness. I sometimes look up from a photo or a painting to realize that I am, in fact, alive and in one of those rare moments of crystal clear self observation.

Today I stumbled on the website where Diego Golberg of Buenos Aires, Argentina has recorded his family’s evolution over twenty five years. He has done this by means of a photo taken of each of them on the same day every year. The first photos, in 1976, are of Diego and his wife Susy, and over the years their three sons are added. It’s very simple, and very powerful in its presentation.

Looking at this essay, I am most interested in Susy. I find myself studying her expression, which is calm and unrevealing, sometimes with the vaguest hint of a smile. These twenty-five photos of her — alone, and still embedded between husband and sons — have made me think about women’s lives and the way the story unfolds, as familiar as a face, and as distinctive.