the pause that isn't so refreshing

I’ve been struggling with a virus for five days now, something that has been going around town and nailed me good and proper. It’s in my lungs mostly at this point, ans so I cough away, waiting to hear back from the doctor’s office and busily not getting anything else done.

I promise to be back asap. As soon as the gallping crud has gone away.

PS: to prove my point, I wrote this post in the early morning and thought I had published it. But no. I wonder how many other things I have imagined.

10 Replies to “the pause that isn't so refreshing”

  1. Yes, get better soon! Oh, and about the signed copy of Homestead you agreed to send me this a.m.? Just put it in the mail when you’re feeling better.

  2. Rosina, I hope you got through your sickness better than I did – I’ve just spent 6 days in hospital with pneumonia in both lungs after getting what I thought was just the flu that was going around… guess not, hence why I’m only just catching up on all your posts now.

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