The Paradise Sun: Revisiting Paradise

On Sara’s FaceBook page Paula asked about the newspaper articles I posted, once upon a time, that didn’t actually show up in any of the Wilderness novels. I went to have a look, and I do have a small pile of them. Some of them are pretty sad, and some are amusing.  I’m going to post a few of them, one or two at a time, between now and the release of The Gilded Hour. 

The newspaper, founded by Elizabeth Bonner, had this masthead:


Here’s one small article. advertisingcolumn1

3 Replies to “The Paradise Sun: Revisiting Paradise”

  1. Wonderful news that we will see some small snippets while we wait for the release of the new book.

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  2. It’s great fun to revisit Paradise through these articles – please post some more if you have them!

  3. Yes, some are definitely pretty sad. I remember when you posted them before – and the results of the coin toss. But then, there are no guarantees in life – or in fiction.

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