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Maryrose asked if there was any chance of a novel that tells the story of Hannah’s ten years in the west with Strikes-the-Sky.

I’m sorry, Maryrose. Nope.

But her question did make me think about WHY this isn’t a possibility, and the answer is important. You have to understand that it wouldn’t be just Hannah’s story. it’s Tecumseh’s story and the story of that last desperate effort to pull the tribes together.

I’ve read a lot about Tecumseh and his life and times, what he tried to accomplish, how it all went wrong. It’s a tragic story — for Hannah and for Tecumseh and everyone involved — and I simply am not equal to telling it.


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  1. Hi Sara,
    I’ve loved your “Wilderness” books. Just wondering when the latest is due to come out? I’ve tried to look for it on your website, but couldn’t find it. I think you’ve done an excellent job telling the Bonner’s stories, and I love a series, and watching the characters move on. I have to admit, though, Nathaniel is my fav! Hate to see him grow old!

  2. I thought I had that information up in the right hand column, but you’re right, I lost it somehow. Just put it up again. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. You are welcome! And I’ll be sure to read your new one this summer too. I like it that you publish under two names. Are the writing styles different? Or is it just subject matter? While I’ve never written a book, I find that everything I write pretty much has the same “voice”.

  4. :-( i’d like that too. that’s one thing that bothers me sometimes with series, all the missing stuff in the middle if they skip years. like in diana gabaldon’s books, where she didnt fully tell about ian’s time with the kahnyen’kehaka and what happened with him and his wife. and stuff. but i guess thats up to you.

  5. Dear Sara, I don’t know the story of Tecumseh except for what I have read in Fire Along the Sky, and it sounds very interesting as well as very sad. Would you mind if I asked you to recommend something to read which would tell the story?

  6. I’m glad, at this time, that you’ve decided not to tell the story of Tecumseh (and therefore Hannah’s story) as, like you said, it is an extremely tragic and sad story. I’m trying to remember the name of the novelist who wrote “Panther in the Sky”, which is about Temcuseh’s life and losses. Wonderful book, even if it is depressing at times.

    Although I understand perfectly well why the major storyline in the next novel is about Jennet, Luke and Hannah I’m really hoping that there is more about young Daniel Bonner? As someone who suffers from an acute pain disorder I was able to identify with his character quite a bit and understood the changes in him brought on by his helplessness and determination.

    I enjoy your books very much and I’m looking forward to “Queen of Swords” with extreme enthusiasm. The release date is already marked on my calendar.

  7. Finally I found you! To tell you how exceptional your Wilderness Series is! You’ve heard it alot I imagine. Here it is again! These books move me to every emotion. I have always hated reading about history, but you bring history to the present day. It’s like I am there and I know these people personally. You bring a face, (faces), to what has happened in our pasts. You also bring the beauty of the past into light. I like that alot. You always here of the tragidy but never what beauty there was also. Thank you for all of this. I have read that Queen Of Swords will be the last of this series. I am hoping not. I would love to see you move these families through history into present day. What an epic!
    Just a note. I had to resort to winning your books on E-bay to find them in hardback! They are few and far between. I have found them in paperback. I still have one more hardback to track down. I love a good treasure hunt!
    Thank you for the journey.
    Sandra Nokes

  8. Sandra — I’m so glad you found the weblog, and thank you for the kind words.

    Keep watching for an official announcement about the future of the series.

    sara (aka rosina)

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