The Mathematician has spoken

Sheesh. I ask the Mathematician to pick the winner because (1) my head is still quite mushy and this is hard; (2) he’ll be efficient and have a solid rationale.

But no. He wants to discuss the entries, at length. He wants to know exactly what directions were given, what examples, what hints. After all that, he has chosen a winner because it feels right:

Rosely: Similar souls seek solace in solidarity.

So Rosely, please email with your postal address, and I’ll get this copy of Queen of Swords out to you. Let me know if you want it personalized and how (for Rosely, for Fernando, for Dog’s Sake) or if you just want the signature and date.

And: congrats.

To the rest of you: you done good. And you worked hard. So next time, no work at all. I’ll open a contest thread on Sunday morning, leave it open until Monday morning and then pick a name at random for another signed copy. Both Rosely’s book and the winner of that drawing’s book will go out on Monday.

17 Replies to “The Mathematician has spoken”

  1. Congrats, Rosely!

    Could I request that the next contest remain open until Monday afternoon? I don’t have Internet access during weekends, and I know some can’t get online at work, so that should cover all the bases.

    This contest was fun, Rosina. Thanks!

  2. Good choice, mathematician! Rosely’s post was my favorite, too. Good job, Rosely. And Mavis, I liked yours, too! Rosely stayed true to the meaning of the proverb, while Mavis stayed true to the phrasing.

  3. Rosely’s was my favorite also. Congrats! Thanks for the honorary and thanks for getting some creative juices flowing again!

  4. Right on, Rosely!
    And thanks, Michelle–your kind comment
    helps to heal the hurt
    of fatefully familiar failure.
    (see what you started, Rosina? Once I got going I couldn’t stop).

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