the map is back: new and improved

I have missed the map. You, most likely, didn’t even notice it was gone.

So now here’s Frapper, free service, good ole Google maps. You can go over there an put yourself on the Storytelling map by clicking here:

Put yourself on the map

16 Replies to “the map is back: new and improved”

  1. I’m always annoyed by Frappr because the nearest town to me that it recognizes is nearly six miles away. Even though my entry says “Cashel”, I actually live in the little village of Golden (not Colorado, but Ireland).

  2. Hmm – I’d love to put a pin in there but I can only see USA map and I’m in New Zealand. I’m no computer whiz. Someone please tell me how to bring up the map for NZ.

    And yes. Pick me pick me. I would love to win the ARC of Tied to the Tracks.

  3. When you zoom waaaay out, you wait a sec and the map will readjust to see the larger picture of our world. I see there are some pins in Australia, so it must be possible to do NZ. Can’t remember what you do next, but I think you need to enter your city, state/province, country at some stage. May be when you register for the free service. Sorry I don’t know more.

  4. Alison: Pam’s right, you have to zoom out out out, and you’ll get the whole world. Then you click on NZ to be taken back in again.

    Or I think there’s also a box where you can put in your town and country.

  5. Yeah, I added mine by entering my town and country in the box. Unfortunately, I had to try about sixty times before I found a nearby town that Frappr would recognize.

  6. Ok, I got it this time but my pin still isn’t on the map because the only place they have for NZ is the capital (Wellington). I know NZ is a very small country, but really – more than 3/4 of the population does NOT live in Wellington.
    (For the record, I live in Auckland, which isn’t even close)

  7. I envy your coordinates Alison! I read about Auckland and Wellington, Keri Keri and Waitarangi all the time because I’ve got an addiction to Robyn Donald’s Harlequin romances. Even before Lord of the Rings made NZ such a hot tourist stop, I thought it’d be great to get there one day. Is it just turning fall there now? Despite the ground hogs suggesting an early spring, we’ve got a Winter Storm Warning on this afternoon instead here on the Canadian prairie. Hah.

  8. Hi Pam, yes there are some gorgeous places around New Zealand, north and south island, but Kerikeri has to be one of my favourite places.
    I have lived in Auckland for the past 20 years and it has to be said that the weather has changed completely in that time – we tend to have late arriving (but long) hot and humid summers and what seems like tediously long cool and rainy winters and not much of the inbetween seasons now. It’s still around 28 degrees C (around 82 F) during the day, but will get progressively cooler in March. April might be autumn but by May it will seem like summer was a hundred years ago….

  9. Neat – thanks – it’s hard to wrap my head around the “other side of the world” phenomenon, amazing how the seasons can be tied to celebrations and events in your memory.

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